03 April 2010

A New Day

Picked up my daughter the other day - and then went to Spokane and picked up my grand-daughter Shelby, whom we haven't seen for 15 months - yep, the same one whose dad came and told us he was taking her sledding and "disappeared" with her! She has been with us for a few days now, her mom flew home yesterday, and tomorrow after Easter dinner, she and I drive back to Spokane, spend the night in a hotel and it is already time for her to return to her dad and her stepmom.

We have been lucky enough to have her here with us for her 6th birthday and for Easter. She and I dyed eggs (5 1/2 dozen!!!) on Wednesday while her mom and Uncle Cody (my youngest) went to Lewiston to pick up a birthday cake (long story) and a few other things. She and Gramma had lots of fun - she loved it! We then had family over on Thursday evening for a spaghetti birthday dinner, with a handmade Princess cake made by Gramma. Shelby opened birthday presents, I didn't realize at 6 years old children had such opinions about what they would wear and what they wouldn't - - when did all that happen? Shelby had great fun with her Aunt Jody, they played stickers and glitter glue, and Shelby grew quite attached to her, its so nice when adults actually get on the floor and play with children . . . Shelby loved it!

I have lots of pictures that we have taken, but have to purchase a new scanner as my old one is dead and the other won't work with the laptop for some reason . . . and I am so not computer literate!

Shelby went to her FIRST Easter Egg hunt today, here in town - she had lots of fun - 17 eggs later, she was surprised the Easter Bunny went out in the snow and hid all those eggs, AND put candy inside them . . . LOL!

This evening, we are heading to the Trapshooting Awards Banquet, Cody is up for a couple of awards, and I believe Papa John is also. . . going to be a nice evening; finished the salad and everyone ready to go, except Cody, who hasn't arrived home yet to shower - grin!!

Just wanted to share all the happenings here in our home, and wish you all a very Happy Easter,