23 January 2011


Well hello there, I doubt anyone out there is still reading this, seeing as how I have faded into LaLa Land, however, I am going to make this a journal of sorts for myself. I don't know honestly how often I will be on; I apparently can't keep a promise, so I refuse to make more of those. I am trying, not very hard, mind you, to get done with my class. I will NEVER take a totally on-line class again. I definitely like a class room atmosphere where you can actually talk to an instructor and have someone to bounce ideas off, etc. This trying to depend on yourself completely stuff is for the birds. You would think for $2000.00 you would get some honest to goodness instruction. Nope, you sure don't - you get your books, a bill and yourself! How was that I was apparently $2000 richer at the beginning of this. Let's see I could have my new stove and even my new tv by now, or have paid off some of the debt we owe, or even had my new hardwood floors in upstairs, or put money down on the windows we want to replace on the lower level of our home, or again, have made a little dent in what we owe, but no, me I decided to take some classes. Really re-thinking all of this right now. I think it is just frustration, but who knows. To top it off, after having lost 38 lbs two years and looking awful nice (thank you very much) I have gained it all back plus about 15 lbs. WAAAA - So my goal this year is to get it off - I am so sick of being fat. . . sick of it! Trying to exercise, I have been doing great on the treadmill, bought Zumba and have opened the box, but haven't taken anything otu yet. I will . . . just a bit frustrated that I know I was supposed to get 8 DVD's with it and only got two, and honestly just damned tired of "fighting" with companies to get what you do pay for. Is it just me or what????? Okay enough of the downer post . . . hopefully winning 20,000 in the next lottery to pay everything off and get my stove - (WOOT) heading to the treadmill. . . wish me luck.