06 June 2011

Okay folks I have typed this message now three times, and getting more peeved as I am having to keep retyping! If you are still reading this blog, or coming to visit me every once in a while, I appreciate you so much more than you know. The last 6 months have been a blur, honestly I had no idea it had already been 6 months since I had posted on here! I have about 4 more weeks of school left, with any luck at all, and then I am done. I have decided no more classes; I hate online classes - no interaction, no instructor help, $2000.00 as far as I am concerned is a wash down the drain - - - never, ever again! I will do class rooms, but never another online class - if you're thinking about it, keep walking - don't throw your money away on it!

Anyhow, wanted to say HI - I will be back fulltime soon and honestly I have missed all my friends, crafting buddies, and well everyone . . .miss you guys!

23 January 2011


Well hello there, I doubt anyone out there is still reading this, seeing as how I have faded into LaLa Land, however, I am going to make this a journal of sorts for myself. I don't know honestly how often I will be on; I apparently can't keep a promise, so I refuse to make more of those. I am trying, not very hard, mind you, to get done with my class. I will NEVER take a totally on-line class again. I definitely like a class room atmosphere where you can actually talk to an instructor and have someone to bounce ideas off, etc. This trying to depend on yourself completely stuff is for the birds. You would think for $2000.00 you would get some honest to goodness instruction. Nope, you sure don't - you get your books, a bill and yourself! How was that I was apparently $2000 richer at the beginning of this. Let's see I could have my new stove and even my new tv by now, or have paid off some of the debt we owe, or even had my new hardwood floors in upstairs, or put money down on the windows we want to replace on the lower level of our home, or again, have made a little dent in what we owe, but no, me I decided to take some classes. Really re-thinking all of this right now. I think it is just frustration, but who knows. To top it off, after having lost 38 lbs two years and looking awful nice (thank you very much) I have gained it all back plus about 15 lbs. WAAAA - So my goal this year is to get it off - I am so sick of being fat. . . sick of it! Trying to exercise, I have been doing great on the treadmill, bought Zumba and have opened the box, but haven't taken anything otu yet. I will . . . just a bit frustrated that I know I was supposed to get 8 DVD's with it and only got two, and honestly just damned tired of "fighting" with companies to get what you do pay for. Is it just me or what????? Okay enough of the downer post . . . hopefully winning 20,000 in the next lottery to pay everything off and get my stove - (WOOT) heading to the treadmill. . . wish me luck.

16 October 2010

OMG why does it take me so long to post

Time flies I guess. It seems as if I have just been on here, and lo and behold its been far longer, yet again. With taking classes, working (which I love my job) cooking cleaning and just being a mom and everything that goes with it, time just seems to get away from me. Today I have decided is a one hour study (studied 11 hours on Wednesday!) and then it is time for some playtime. I have Halloween items I need to get made for my grand-nephews, my nieces and my grand-girl Shelby. They all live in Alaska, so I know I had better get on it, so they make it to them in time for the fun day! Me, I love Halloween, so am looking forward to making goodies for the kids.

Hope you are all having a great day, and hope to chat with you all soon!

29 August 2010

don't know what happened

Had a whole post typed out -don't know where it went! John and Cody let me sleep in today- felt so darn good. I'm getting on my new sleeping schedule, although last night I decided to stay up and read, so was a late bedtime for me. They are both participating in the trapshoot today- John is just helping, Cody with shooting. Looks like Cody may have won the Junior Shooter trophy and he lost the new Shooter by one bird - he shot a 94 out of 100! Good Job Cody! I didn't go down as it makes him a bit nervous when I am there - so funny!

I'm going to work on an 8x8 album for my grand-girl Shelby. I promised her that Gramma would make her an album of her 2 week stay here and what she did, she was so excited as she loves to look through all the albums when she is here, so going to get it started, and a good dent in it, so I can get it in the mail to her by, hopefully, next weekend.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday and great day with all your family and loved ones - - - remember they are what its all about!

28 August 2010

Hi there

Been awhile, but I honestly think this time I might actually be better about posting - this might be one of my new year resolutions a bit late! Today was my first official day working at our new clinic - granted we weren't open, just getting everything set up and situated, but still felt GREAT! I am so happy about this job, I know you are all getting sick of hearing me say it, but I just love it!

Thought I would share a couple pics of the kids, seeing as how it has been awhile, aren't they darn cute! Went to the football game tonight, those boys had a good game - so much fun watching them play; I so enjoy football season!

Tonight I just thought I would drop in with a quick hello, but will be back tomorrow to post some more;

Have a good one friends!

Can't resist sharing another

This was Shelby having a great time playing tricks on Gramma! Love that girls sense of humor and her smile!

26 August 2010

Another picture

This one is of Cody, Shelby and a friend's daughter - - -I love this picture of the kids!

Picture of my grand-girl Shelby

And this is one of Grammas little girl -

Picture of Cody

Thought I would share the most recent picture that I have of Cody- this was taken on the first day of school - isn't he handsome!

24 August 2010

I'm Back

First day of school and was my day off, can I just say I enjoyed it! I know he is a sophomore, but sometimes just having the house to yourself, even if you have to do errands all day is a great thing. Peace and quiet . . . room to breathe . . . was nice! Just thought I would drop in and say Hi, been awhile since I have been on, and wanted to let you all know I will be back a bit more frequently now!

06 July 2010

Blog Giveaway

Check out this blog - she designs some of the most beautiful blogs I've seen -you've just got to check her out - she also has a great blog giveaway going on right now. . .

04 July 2010

Independence Day 2010

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July holiday weekend with family and friends. While you are celebrating please remember all of the men and women who are still sacrificing for us on a minute by minute basis and wish them safety and keep them in your prayers.

To those also, who have given their lives for us, so that we may all continue to live in a safe place . . . to their friends and families; my family wishes you all the best on the day that means freedom for many of us, at the expense of your family members, please know that they will NEVER be forgotten!

Good news!

Well ladies - I get to share!

I was offered the 3 DAY a week position at our new clinic and accepted!! I am so excited, I will not be working evenings, holidays or weekends any longer. I will see my son and husband every single evening of the week and weekend - NO more being away from them 3 and 4 days a week. I am so incredibly excited about that, and even more excited to be involved in the opening of a new clinic and the opportunities that provides both personally and professionally!

I will continue to work at the hospital the 2 other days a week (so far anyway) I am hoping for at least 1 extra day a week to keep my insurance benefits.

AND I will begin my Pharmacy Tech class in August (6 months with 300 clinical hours) and then on to A&P . . . so I will be studying some evenings of the week with Cody, which will be extremely good for him. I will also get to attend EVERY single sporting event that he is in, and you can't believe how excited I am about that.

AND I will also have time to craft again and enjoy it again,

Just had to share!