16 October 2010

OMG why does it take me so long to post

Time flies I guess. It seems as if I have just been on here, and lo and behold its been far longer, yet again. With taking classes, working (which I love my job) cooking cleaning and just being a mom and everything that goes with it, time just seems to get away from me. Today I have decided is a one hour study (studied 11 hours on Wednesday!) and then it is time for some playtime. I have Halloween items I need to get made for my grand-nephews, my nieces and my grand-girl Shelby. They all live in Alaska, so I know I had better get on it, so they make it to them in time for the fun day! Me, I love Halloween, so am looking forward to making goodies for the kids.

Hope you are all having a great day, and hope to chat with you all soon!

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