16 October 2010

OMG why does it take me so long to post

Time flies I guess. It seems as if I have just been on here, and lo and behold its been far longer, yet again. With taking classes, working (which I love my job) cooking cleaning and just being a mom and everything that goes with it, time just seems to get away from me. Today I have decided is a one hour study (studied 11 hours on Wednesday!) and then it is time for some playtime. I have Halloween items I need to get made for my grand-nephews, my nieces and my grand-girl Shelby. They all live in Alaska, so I know I had better get on it, so they make it to them in time for the fun day! Me, I love Halloween, so am looking forward to making goodies for the kids.

Hope you are all having a great day, and hope to chat with you all soon!

29 August 2010

don't know what happened

Had a whole post typed out -don't know where it went! John and Cody let me sleep in today- felt so darn good. I'm getting on my new sleeping schedule, although last night I decided to stay up and read, so was a late bedtime for me. They are both participating in the trapshoot today- John is just helping, Cody with shooting. Looks like Cody may have won the Junior Shooter trophy and he lost the new Shooter by one bird - he shot a 94 out of 100! Good Job Cody! I didn't go down as it makes him a bit nervous when I am there - so funny!

I'm going to work on an 8x8 album for my grand-girl Shelby. I promised her that Gramma would make her an album of her 2 week stay here and what she did, she was so excited as she loves to look through all the albums when she is here, so going to get it started, and a good dent in it, so I can get it in the mail to her by, hopefully, next weekend.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday and great day with all your family and loved ones - - - remember they are what its all about!

28 August 2010

Hi there

Been awhile, but I honestly think this time I might actually be better about posting - this might be one of my new year resolutions a bit late! Today was my first official day working at our new clinic - granted we weren't open, just getting everything set up and situated, but still felt GREAT! I am so happy about this job, I know you are all getting sick of hearing me say it, but I just love it!

Thought I would share a couple pics of the kids, seeing as how it has been awhile, aren't they darn cute! Went to the football game tonight, those boys had a good game - so much fun watching them play; I so enjoy football season!

Tonight I just thought I would drop in with a quick hello, but will be back tomorrow to post some more;

Have a good one friends!

Can't resist sharing another

This was Shelby having a great time playing tricks on Gramma! Love that girls sense of humor and her smile!

26 August 2010

Another picture

This one is of Cody, Shelby and a friend's daughter - - -I love this picture of the kids!

Picture of my grand-girl Shelby

And this is one of Grammas little girl -

Picture of Cody

Thought I would share the most recent picture that I have of Cody- this was taken on the first day of school - isn't he handsome!

24 August 2010

I'm Back

First day of school and was my day off, can I just say I enjoyed it! I know he is a sophomore, but sometimes just having the house to yourself, even if you have to do errands all day is a great thing. Peace and quiet . . . room to breathe . . . was nice! Just thought I would drop in and say Hi, been awhile since I have been on, and wanted to let you all know I will be back a bit more frequently now!

06 July 2010

Blog Giveaway

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04 July 2010

Independence Day 2010

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July holiday weekend with family and friends. While you are celebrating please remember all of the men and women who are still sacrificing for us on a minute by minute basis and wish them safety and keep them in your prayers.

To those also, who have given their lives for us, so that we may all continue to live in a safe place . . . to their friends and families; my family wishes you all the best on the day that means freedom for many of us, at the expense of your family members, please know that they will NEVER be forgotten!

Good news!

Well ladies - I get to share!

I was offered the 3 DAY a week position at our new clinic and accepted!! I am so excited, I will not be working evenings, holidays or weekends any longer. I will see my son and husband every single evening of the week and weekend - NO more being away from them 3 and 4 days a week. I am so incredibly excited about that, and even more excited to be involved in the opening of a new clinic and the opportunities that provides both personally and professionally!

I will continue to work at the hospital the 2 other days a week (so far anyway) I am hoping for at least 1 extra day a week to keep my insurance benefits.

AND I will begin my Pharmacy Tech class in August (6 months with 300 clinical hours) and then on to A&P . . . so I will be studying some evenings of the week with Cody, which will be extremely good for him. I will also get to attend EVERY single sporting event that he is in, and you can't believe how excited I am about that.

AND I will also have time to craft again and enjoy it again,

Just had to share!

28 June 2010

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27 June 2010

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15 June 2010


it has been 2 months since I have posted - unbelievable, kind of said with a deep sigh and a little laugh! I knew it had been awhile since I had been on my blog, but honestly I didn't realize it had been that long.

In that amount of time, Cody has had his last day of school, I have completed my Terminology/Anatomy class, I have completed my paperwork for the Pharmacy Tech class (which is going to be a bit intense, but I am ready) and beyond that I am not certain what, but I do feel busy all the time.

This week I have been "gutting" out my house, I have shredded 14 large garbage bags worth of documents from 1998 through 2003 - oh my gosh, why did we keep all that shit! I have a hall way full of garage sale items, and am taking on Shelby's room tomorrow (we have kind of been using it for storage- you know, the walk by, throw it in and shut the door quickly routine). Well I have reached the limit with all this. For anyone who has been in my home I am a fairly neat person (almost to the point of OCD, but apparently I have gotten much better), and just decided it is time for a lot of this stuff to just go to someone else's home. Should pay for Cody's shoes and school clothes for next year, so that's a bonus - LOL, which means mom and dad will have some extra money for a couple of months.

I have to honestly say it feels quite cleansing, and I am loving it; tired of sweating and being stinky, but feels good to have all thsi stuff out where I can see it all and know that it is going away.

Beyond that, not much going on, tired of working evenings, taking a huge toll of the family, body and health, so I have decided what direction I am going in and am even looking for job openings - I am READY for all days and not having to work evenings and weekends. I love the majority of the folks I work with, and I honestly LOVE my job, but I am tired, weary of all the drama, and weary from just being tired. I am 50 years old, and must concede that I am not yet old, but I am getting there, and my body is telling me that it is time to just have some regular time, be able to go to bed at the same time every night, and to be able to spend time with my family - they need me, and I need them.

No crafting has been happening, but I have piles of cards ready to send out, but I will be honest here, I did not make the cards, these are all cards I have received over the past 8 years that I have been swapping, I just decided it is not fair to keep them hidden in boxes, it is time to "recycle and reuse" and share with others, so that is exactly what I will be doing. I have also pulled out crates (yep, crates) of pictures and documents that I want to get scrapped - they have been sitting in crates for way to long, and it is time to have them scrapped and in albums so that they can truly be enjoyed! Life is too short.

I've ordered myself some new walking/running shoes -0 - I gained back every pound that I lost last year, and I have been doing some walking on the treadmill with my old shoes, but I've decided I and a friend will be going for daily walks outside and new shoes are definitely necessary. So this time next year, I intend to me down at least 40 lbs - last year I lost 26 in 6 1/2 months, so I know I can do it, don't know why I keep going back and eating the "old way" but it is time for me to make some health changes for myself! AGAIN! URGH!

Anywho, this was my break, I am now heading back down to the "room" to begin another round; chat with you all later!

03 April 2010

A New Day

Picked up my daughter the other day - and then went to Spokane and picked up my grand-daughter Shelby, whom we haven't seen for 15 months - yep, the same one whose dad came and told us he was taking her sledding and "disappeared" with her! She has been with us for a few days now, her mom flew home yesterday, and tomorrow after Easter dinner, she and I drive back to Spokane, spend the night in a hotel and it is already time for her to return to her dad and her stepmom.

We have been lucky enough to have her here with us for her 6th birthday and for Easter. She and I dyed eggs (5 1/2 dozen!!!) on Wednesday while her mom and Uncle Cody (my youngest) went to Lewiston to pick up a birthday cake (long story) and a few other things. She and Gramma had lots of fun - she loved it! We then had family over on Thursday evening for a spaghetti birthday dinner, with a handmade Princess cake made by Gramma. Shelby opened birthday presents, I didn't realize at 6 years old children had such opinions about what they would wear and what they wouldn't - - when did all that happen? Shelby had great fun with her Aunt Jody, they played stickers and glitter glue, and Shelby grew quite attached to her, its so nice when adults actually get on the floor and play with children . . . Shelby loved it!

I have lots of pictures that we have taken, but have to purchase a new scanner as my old one is dead and the other won't work with the laptop for some reason . . . and I am so not computer literate!

Shelby went to her FIRST Easter Egg hunt today, here in town - she had lots of fun - 17 eggs later, she was surprised the Easter Bunny went out in the snow and hid all those eggs, AND put candy inside them . . . LOL!

This evening, we are heading to the Trapshooting Awards Banquet, Cody is up for a couple of awards, and I believe Papa John is also. . . going to be a nice evening; finished the salad and everyone ready to go, except Cody, who hasn't arrived home yet to shower - grin!!

Just wanted to share all the happenings here in our home, and wish you all a very Happy Easter,


27 March 2010

I am such a slacker

Wow, at the beginning of the year, I was hoping to do this on a daily basis - started out semi-well, and dropped down drastically! Although since February 27 I have made cards and actually mailed them out, painted our spare bedroom/exercise room (and I love the chocolate color!) have almost finished my taxes (lost my state tax forms-ugh!) scrapbooked -woo hoo, and been working my way through spring cleaning. Still have lost no weight, which I am semi-depressed about, just can't seem to get the mind set that I had last year, gained back every pound. UGH!!
My hair has grown out quite a bit, and I am loving that, getting a trim and color on the 7th - can't believe how gray I am. When did I get older??

Work is still work - some days I like it, most days I don't . . .I hate the backbiting and the b.s. and I am verbal enough to say it, and get a bit snappy about it. I just hate working under those kinds of conditions.

Gonna head to bed, just got home from work and have to head to Lewiston early tomorrow and pick my daughter up from the airport . . . have a surprise for you all, but you have to wait a little bit longer.


27 February 2010

Last Day of February 2010

Can you believe that 2 months of the New Year are already over and gone! When Looking at my accomplishments for the past two months, I have lost zero pounds! UGH I have been so tired that I have been sleeping anywhere from 10 to 13 hours a day - I honestly don't know why, just know that I have been exhausted! The hospital I work for is opening a clinic here in my hometown and I am so praying to get a job there - 8 to 5 would be so perfect for myself and my family; we need this desperately! I am starting classes again, Medical Terminology (which I have had before and with being in the health field for the past 5 years I am very comfortable taking), and Anatomy (which I am not so comfortable with - I do know that this class will be a struggle for me, but I am wanting to take this class anyway.) Next year, I am hoping to take the Medical Billing class - I very much enjoy the medical field, so know that these will be bonus classes for me.

Cody has been taking Driver Education classes for the past month and a half, and has another month to go. John and I are confident with his driving skills as we have been working with him the past couple of years - knowing how well he has been doing, and his desire for a vehicle and knowing that he is wanting to hold down a full-time job this summer we purchased him a pick up truck yesterday - a 1995 American Red Ford XLT - 151,000 miles and in very good condition and shape . . . he is incredibly excited! He can't drive it for awhile, has to finish his class first, and then do his driving time with mom and dad before he can legally drive. He also has to sign a contract with us to pay for his vehicle and to keep his grades at B's and above. Nothing like a little incentive to keep a child interested in what he should be doing. . . LOL!

I still haven't been crafting, can't remember the last time I made a card . . . however, I have to make one tomorrow as I signed up for a February mingle and have to get my card in the mail to my partner . . . I am, as usual, late.

Beyond that, all is going well. Keep in touch if anyone is actually reading this.

13 February 2010

Hi there

Hopefully this will not be my only blog post for February, I could have sworn that I posted on the first of this month, but I guess not.

Things are about the same - I spend far too much time on the computer and not enough time doing anything else.

I am loving my Scott Kelby Digital Photography books though! Not any better at the photography, but certainly hope to be soon. John and I drove to Lewiston today and looked at wood flooring and Travertine tile. I keep thinking that I want the hard wood floors and then I think I want tile - any of you willing to give me any advice? I was supposed to go to Boise today for a day trip, but my weekends off with my family are so rare that I convinced John to spend the day with me (Cody went snowboarding with his friends, is now at the basketball tournament (which we are listening to on the radio) and we won (WOO HOO) and then he is off to the school dance. This boy is so different than John and I that it is totally funny and hard to adjust to sometimes. How can 2 loners and homebodies turn out such social butterflies!

Tuesday I will drive to Boise with my friend Phyllis and hit Hobby Lobby, I need picture frames (desperately) some lamps and some surprise party goodies, I still don't have the menu down but will by the time Friday gets here.

I still haven't been crafting as much as I would like, mainly because I spend so much time on the computer . . . I have got to learn to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggg myself away from it - it is a horribly addictive machine for me!

Just had 100 some prints developed through ArtsCow and then wasted another 2 1/2 hours tonight downloading 237 more, however, it kept popping duplicates in there which really peeved me, so I just got frustrated and cleared my cart - damn it what a waste of 2 1/2 hours! Thinking I should put the computer up and go watch a movie with the hubby, we're never home alone and me thinks we should be taking advantage of it! Then perhaps I'll head back in here (my craft room) and get a page or two done - Plus I have 3 cards I MUST get finished! Actually more than that I still haven't reciprocated for the Christmas cards I received, and I know I must! What is wrong with my mojo, have I completely lost it! PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT!

Lovin you all!

31 January 2010

Slow going. . .

of learning how to do this on a daily basis! Not to say I'm not on my computer on just about a daily basis, but once I get into reading my emails, looking at everyone's shares, looking at everyone's blogs, and now 1 hour has turned into five, I haven't made the time to write on mine. I have got to figure out how to make myself walk away from this darn computer when I am home, and craft and do things that I like to do. . . I have ZERO self-control!

In two weeks, I haven't scrapped another page, I have looked a number of times at the ones I did complete and am trying to figure out how I really want to organize them in albums - by year, by individual, my holiday . . .any tips - - they'll be greatly accepted!

My hubby turns 50 in a couple of weeks, and I am trying to plan a surprise party for him - trying to figure out the decor, get it ordered and make sure it is here in time. . . yada yada yada. Any tips on these ladies (and gents), I can use all the good advice that I can get.

I am now going to put my computer up on the shelf - force myself to stay away from it for a couple of hours and get a few cards made; I'm also going to try to get 2 - 2 page layouts done - I have a TON (literally) of pictures that I need to scrapbook, it's truly insane!

Hope you all a having a productive Sunday . . .

17 January 2010

Feelin' on Top of the World!

I scrapped all day and into the evening -so far, 6 more layouts done - I am so happy and I love every one of them - still working on more, but have to work 7-3 shift tomorrow. Love that shift because I get off early, dislike because I hate getting up early . . . half cup full!!!!

I'm going to sign off for the evening, I'm going to watch Iron Man with Cody - he's seen it 5 times, but I never have, so he has graciously conceded to watching it with me - love this boy!

You all have a great evening - and once I can I will start getting pages scanned in to share.


I've done it - I'm in my scrap room for the 2nd day in a row!!! WOO HOO - this is such a total accomplishment. Last night I scrapped 4 pages of Shelby from Christmas 2008 and am now working on a 4 generation pages of Cody, John, John's dad and great-grampa George who passed away on December 14, 2008. I am feeling so good about this. I have even managed to stamp a bunch of images - have 2 cards actually made and 4 waiting for the stickles to dry and am getting some more images stamped out so that I can work on them after the treadmill. Feeling good about this.

Still determined to get Photoshop 7 down, so will cut out an hour or so (hopefully a bit more) each day (I'm trying!) to get this program completely figured out. I am so computer illiterate; actually not sure that is right, I just don't spend enough time on one thing to get it figured out or mastered, I tend to bounce around - - - - A LOT!

Great news for Cody and wrestling - he took 2nd place in the duals this weekend - he's very happy about his showing, as he was actually quite worried about his Saturday partners, but he did GREAT! Shoulder still hurting, he won't go get x-rayed because he is afraid they will tell him something is wrong and then he'd have to drop out of the rest of the season - - - MEN! And please, don't hold me wrong for this one, it's like a battle to get him to go and trust me I so can not lift this boy and toss him in the car! On a sad note, he met a very nice young man from McCall at the wrestling tournament and said they had a great time talking, hanging out, listening to music, hip-hopping around and joking with friends - - -Cody received a phone call from another joint friend this morning and was told that Skylar had gotten home last night and committed suicide - a 17 year old senior. My heart breaks for this young man, and for his family; if he only knew what a good influence he was on those around him. I know he still may have made the same choice, but I hope he knew he was truly liked and loved - my heartfelt sympathies and love goes out to his family. My prayers to all of his friends, as when this happens, such a hole is left open and everyone wonders what they could have done to help, or why they didn't know that something was wrong . . . nothing kids, this is truly a decision made in the heat of the moment with no thought to the future, this young man thought he was removing himself from the pain and anguish of whatever he was going through in the moment . . . love him, do not blame him or yourselves.

On that note, please send up prayers for Skylar, his family and his friends, they all are going to be walking a very hard path . . .

In love,


16 January 2010

Only a week

So much for making sure I post everyday - can I just say this flu bug has kicked my butt; still fighting it! Started feeling a bit better yesterday, just can't get it to go away no matter what I do.

Diet going okay - exercise not so well, but I'm getting there. Thinking it will go better when I can breathe for longer than three minutes at a time without feeling like I am going to cough up my lungs and everyone elses.

I am so proud of myself, set up a table in my craft room and I am crafting - yippee!!!! I made one card last night, and have stamped up about 14 images of cards to make today. I received Christmas cards from quite a few friends this year and I just never had a chance to get any made, so I have cards to make so my friends know that I think of them also. . .

Can I just say that I feel like I am in "heaven" loving being in my craft room and being able to play, create and have a great time!

Catch you all later!

09 January 2010

Holy Cow 3 today

Only because I posted after midnight - grin! Slept in today- its a work day, have to be there for the 3-11 shift - Can I say, I would love to stay home in my jammies, with the fire going and a mug of hot cocoa (sugar-free, which is really yummy) and my computer. I have promised myself that I am going to teach myself (FINALLY) the Photoshop 7 program that I have had for a year - ugh! A whole year with a great program wasted -- so goal for January (and February) is to figure this program out, get some pictures downloaded and get to work! I will not be a digital scrapper, no sirree, I love paper and embellies way to much for that, but I will use all the cool tools that are available to me from the digital program. I am excited and nervous, its hard for me to learn new things like this myself, don't know why. I am one of those people that does great with having someone go through and hands on teach me, then I get it. I am so looking forward to learning something new.

Cody is wrestling in a dual/tournament this weekend - and is holding his own, he is so athletic that it sometimes throws me for a loop. He has always been this really SMART kid, then the past couple of years his hormones have kicked in - he's still smart, he just doesn't show his teachers anymore . . . or his parents. . . he'd rather be lifting weights, playing football, playing baseball, reading books, snowboarding, and most importantly spending time with his guy friends and the GIRLS! They consume this boys life, it really drives me nuts. I love all his friends and the girls he is both friends with and has dated, they are all really awesome, give hugs, respectful, etc. BUT with that said, I really wish he would sit down and get back to his academics, he has no idea what he is doing and it drives me NUTS! It just seems such a waste to me, to not take advantage of all that is available to him and make the most of it. Mr. Higgins, the principal at the high school says this is typical of freshman and to just keep up the hand holding and he'll get there. I went in to talk to Mr. Higgins to see if there was anything he could suggest for us to do, you know, beyond threatening with the loss of his cell phone, sports, drivers ed, etc. . . he says Cody is a great kid and just hold on by next year or his Jr. year, he'll be his self again. . . can I hold on that long? Thing is he is very loving, always giving me hugs, talks to me about just about everything, very respectful, although sometimes I would LOVE to wash his mouth out with soap . . . and he loves me, I mean really loves me, so I feel stupid complaining. Ah yes, parenting, the hardest job we'll ever have - can I just say again, I love this kid!

Judi's 2010 New Year Resolutions

I'm not sure that I want to call these my New Year Resolutions. . . I don't know that I really do like that word, there has to be a word that is better than resolutions. Most of us make them, few of us keep them; this year I am hoping to be able to keep my resolutions . . .

I am resolving to pay off our debts this year . . . how do I say that I haven't even shared this info with my hubby - 1st he would be upset, 2nd he would be disappointed, and the fault is mine, my own making, my own bad choices.

I am also resolving to spend more quality time with my family - son and hubby - we're always in the same home together, but we're all so busy doing other things that we haven't set together at our dining room table for a meal in ages. . . all conversations are while each of us are doing something else . . . no more, time to be really together and bond with each other as we should, that's what family really is! We talk, but we don't - - - you know, the mindless everyday things, but no real discussions about anything . . . and it's time to do that, why we ever stopped I don't know. This is my most important goal.

I am also determined to get this weight off - AGAIN! January 4, 2009 I drank my last Diet Pepsi, I was an addict and bad . . . like 8 to 10 cans a day - I had enough. I couldn't bend over comfortably, my lower back hurt all the time - I began my journey into yet another diet - and I did great! I lost 26 lbs from January through July and I felt sooooo good - had been walking daily on my treadmill, lifting weights, eating healthy, doing sit-ups, etc. I hadn't honestly felt that good in a long time, then I quit, I started eating things that I shouldn't, cut back on my exercise - I'd like to blame it all on the class I was taking (was so intense, at least for me) and I felt like it had taken over much of my time and my life, that I just stopped taking as good care of myself as I should have been. . . so I am starting again and this time I intend to keep it off and make it stay off. My goal is to lose 40 pounds by December 31, 2010 . . . I know that it is going to be a struggle and won't be easy. I love food - salty, fatty, anything . . . and I have to learn to say no and walk away. . . I need to stop buying it at the store, this in itself is going to take a great deal of willpower, but I am determined.

Another important goal for me, is to show my friends and family how much they mean to me, I intend to craft more, not just for me, but for them and you also. I have been absorbed in some things that just aren't as important as I thought they were at the time, how I am getting to this place where I feel more relaxed and more of where I want to be at this time in my life is helping me to make this decision.

So for now, I am going to close this post - probably a longer read than anyone wanted, but I need to "journal" these things daily - part of making myself accountable to myself. . . seeing it all in black and white will help me to review where I am now and where I am going. . .

Belated New Year and long post

Wanting to wish you all a very belated Happy New Year - may all your wishes come true!

We've been home since the 31st - each one of us got a bit ill and John and I are just now getting around to feeling better; Cody's only lasted a day, thank goodness.

Our trip to Alaska was wonderful, I knew I had been missing my family, but didn't realize how much I needed them until I was home. There are so many things I miss about them individually and as a group - one evening while I was home we had a "game night!" I can say I haven't honestly laughed that hard in eons! Felt good to just "be."

We are all back to work and school - I guess I missed it, but not really! Sure would be great to win a lottery, so I could stay home and be where I really want. . . funny how when you have it, you just don't take advantage of it, and always want something different. I have to say though, I actually do like my job, I just am tired of the evenings and weekends away from home - just sucks, but I know in this day and age, its best to just have a job and be grateful.

Ready to get busy crafting again, I still don't have a table in my craft room - found a trestle table at Target I really like, but just can't see spending $250 on a table to craft, I mean really, ink, paint, etc . . . nahhhhhh! I'll use the $250 towards our bills - as that is one of my New Years Resolutions, I've actually made a few this year and hope to meet half of them. . .