04 July 2010

Good news!

Well ladies - I get to share!

I was offered the 3 DAY a week position at our new clinic and accepted!! I am so excited, I will not be working evenings, holidays or weekends any longer. I will see my son and husband every single evening of the week and weekend - NO more being away from them 3 and 4 days a week. I am so incredibly excited about that, and even more excited to be involved in the opening of a new clinic and the opportunities that provides both personally and professionally!

I will continue to work at the hospital the 2 other days a week (so far anyway) I am hoping for at least 1 extra day a week to keep my insurance benefits.

AND I will begin my Pharmacy Tech class in August (6 months with 300 clinical hours) and then on to A&P . . . so I will be studying some evenings of the week with Cody, which will be extremely good for him. I will also get to attend EVERY single sporting event that he is in, and you can't believe how excited I am about that.

AND I will also have time to craft again and enjoy it again,

Just had to share!

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