06 June 2011

Okay folks I have typed this message now three times, and getting more peeved as I am having to keep retyping! If you are still reading this blog, or coming to visit me every once in a while, I appreciate you so much more than you know. The last 6 months have been a blur, honestly I had no idea it had already been 6 months since I had posted on here! I have about 4 more weeks of school left, with any luck at all, and then I am done. I have decided no more classes; I hate online classes - no interaction, no instructor help, $2000.00 as far as I am concerned is a wash down the drain - - - never, ever again! I will do class rooms, but never another online class - if you're thinking about it, keep walking - don't throw your money away on it!

Anyhow, wanted to say HI - I will be back fulltime soon and honestly I have missed all my friends, crafting buddies, and well everyone . . .miss you guys!