29 August 2010

don't know what happened

Had a whole post typed out -don't know where it went! John and Cody let me sleep in today- felt so darn good. I'm getting on my new sleeping schedule, although last night I decided to stay up and read, so was a late bedtime for me. They are both participating in the trapshoot today- John is just helping, Cody with shooting. Looks like Cody may have won the Junior Shooter trophy and he lost the new Shooter by one bird - he shot a 94 out of 100! Good Job Cody! I didn't go down as it makes him a bit nervous when I am there - so funny!

I'm going to work on an 8x8 album for my grand-girl Shelby. I promised her that Gramma would make her an album of her 2 week stay here and what she did, she was so excited as she loves to look through all the albums when she is here, so going to get it started, and a good dent in it, so I can get it in the mail to her by, hopefully, next weekend.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday and great day with all your family and loved ones - - - remember they are what its all about!

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